Baran Property

Baran-Property main idea is to provide affordable housing on strategic location, equipped with Baran Power energy storage solution. The house will uniquely designed in term of architecture styling, layout while maximize the energy generation potential from an integrated solar panel.

Baran-Property will also provided with innovative ownership, with soft and long term loan available so you can enjoy the clean energy technology and help the earth without having to pay monthly electric bill anymore.



The first implementation for this concept will be launching in 2019. It will be an energy dependent exclusive cluster close to new business area in West of Jakarta.

Business Opportunity

BaranEnergy welcomes other investor to join in our property project or using our BaranPower energy storage solution for their projects.
BaranEnergy also provided a turn key consulting services to develop optimum BaranPower product configuration that our partners might need to achieve their business goal and objectives.