Baran Cube

Baran PowerCube is a large-scale industrial class energy storage device. It is designed to be scale-able and modular and has a physical form of standard 20 feet container with capacity up to 1.000.000 Watt-hour for each container.

From this single container, Baran PowerCube can be multiplied to practically any configuration to meets even larger energy demands from a factory, industrial complex to a large scale power plant.

And just like Baran PowerCube smaller siblings, it can be paired or store energy from a various source, from a renewable source like solar or wind, or from a conventional source like coal, diesel or gas turbine power plant.


Baran PowerCube can be configured to handle any energy needs at larger industrial scale need from manufacturing industries, real estate, industrial complex, hospital, mining and plantation operation etc.

Baran PowerCube also has the capability to store excessive energy produce by big powerplant, either from a renewable source like solar, wind or geothermal or from conventional fossil-based powerplants like diesel or coal-based power plant.

The energy stored can be released back to the grid in real time (without having to turn on/off a turbine for example) when the consumption is, high maximizing the utilization of the power plant itself.

For a business user, you can use our online calculator to get a picture of how many PowerCube needed to support your business, simply calculate your daily energy consumption, and divide with PowerCube energy capacity.

However, after that, we encourage you to contact our engineer and discuss the optimum PowerCube configuration to design optimum solution for you. Simply fill in the contact us page, or contact us by phone.

We also provided an ROI calculator to help you decided whenever this a good investment for your business.

As a large scale energy storage device, Baran PowerCube is engineered to provide reliability, low maintenance cost, industrial class safety and security system and good ROI which is very important for industrial class customer.

The continuous uninterrupted power from Baran PowerPack also make sure your business operation run smoothly without interruption all the time.