Baran PowerWall is an electric energy storage device. It can store energy generated from many source, from solar panel (PVC), wind turbine, water turbine or electricity provided by the power grid (state owned electrical company) generated from conventional fossil fuel power plant.

Baran PowerWall size and capacity is designed to power a small-medium home or small business like small offices or cafe’.With the proper setup, Baran PowerWall can provide off the grid capabilities for your house, which means you don’t need to pay electrical bill anymore.

BARAN Powerwall OFFICE 1 LUT rsz

Usage Scenario

Baran PowerWall can be use in various places and usage scenario as long as their energy consumption is up to 50.000 watt. Baran PowerWall can be installed on your house, small offices, cafe’.

Baran PowerWall is designed with minimalist styling or applied custom pattern so you can use it as a decoration or an integral element of your interior.

To know how much PowerWall you need to power you house, simply use our online calculator. Or, you can calculate you daily power usage, then divide the number with Baran PowerWall capacity per unit (8800 KwH).

Baran PowerWall is engineered to provide enough electricity to power you house, but it also carefully crafted both dimension and styling to match every architectural style, while providing state of the art safety system to make sure you sleep tight at night.