Adventure Motor Bike

Anubis CruiserCross is an electric bike that you can bring on every road trip aroung country. It will give you a new experience in touring and adventuring to new place you want to explore.

Cruiser Cross Motor Bike

Anubis Cruisercross is a motor bike that is versatile and functional in every terrain. It can be used on city roads for you to go to work or you can use it to tour difficult terrain with the suitable preparation.

Anubis is Your Loyal Motor Bike Companion

Anubis CruiserCross will be your companion for every occasion and adventure both in the city or in more adventerous terrains. It will be loyal to all your needs and help you get to places safely and comfortably.

Your Future Electric Bike

Anubis CruiserCross will be your future electric bike that will accomodate your needs to explore new adventures in any type of terrain setting.