Your Home Battery

Baran PowerHome is a package consisting of battery, inverter, and solar panel that will reduce your electrical consumption by producing and storing energy to later be used during peak usage hours.

Cut Electrical Bills

Baran PowerHome works by capturing solar energy during the day and storing it to be used in the house when needed. This will reduce your monthly electric bill in half.

Onsite Installation Process

The PowerHome will come in a special package that protects the product for the journey to the site and maintain its quality. This packaging is made with heavy duty cardboard.

The Leaf Boutique Resort Bogor

Ciawi, Bogor

Office Building

Tangerang, Banten

Residential Installation

Pati, Central Java

Summarecon Complex Bandung

Bandung, West Java

Residential Installation

Jogjakarta, DI Jogjakarta

Installations Locations

Baran PowerHome Packages has been installed in various cities around Indonesia, especially the island of Java. These are portraits of installations in Tangerang, Bandung, Jakarta, Pati, and Bogor. But still numerous projects to come in the future

Upcoming Collaboration