EV (Electric Vehicle)

Baran-EV will be the umbrella of Baran-energy electric vehicle and mobility ecosystem. For Baran-EV, we start by developing a scale-able and modular electric vehicle platform. The platform is designed to maximize the advantage of electric powertrain in vehicle design in term of structural, function and styling. It also tailored with Indonesian market in mind to make sure it suits different vehicle configuration commonly sell in this market.

The first vehicle to use this platform, and as the development bench, is a high-performance electric supercar, boosting up to 900hp from the 4 motors on each wheel.

Baran-EV is engineered with world-class automotive engineering standard, and the first working prototype is planned to launch to the public at the end of 2019.

Baran-EV Roadster Concept

Here in Baran-Energy, we explore different possibility of what an electric supercar will looks like. We started with a design competition in early 2018 which has tremendous response from Indonesia designer community and overall car enthusiast community in Indonesia. Since then, we continue to explore and develop our electric sports car concept, and hopefully, the first prototype can be launch at the and of 2019.

Baran-EV Conversion Services

Baran-EV conversion services is one of our key strategies to bring and introduce electric vehicle to Indonesian market. It comes from our concern about the very high cost of owning an electric vehicle right now in Indonesia. This business unit offer services to convert existing vehicle into an electric vehicle and will be open for general public.

As the first example, we currently in the process of converting a classic Japanese sports car, the Toyota Crown Coupe 72’ nicknamed E-Kujira, into an electric sports car equipped with some 310kW (that equivalent to around 416Hp) induction motor from Tesla Model S. Stay tune and follow our Instagram account for the opportunity to test ride the E-Kujira yourself.

Baran B1 Electric Supercar

  • Power : 900hp
  • Torque : 1500Nm
  • Powertrain Induction motor : Liquid cooled AC
  • Transmission for each motor : Single speed reduction gearbox
  • System :
    • 4WD
    • Torque vectoring
    • Motorsport class safety system (Shutdown system, inertia sensor etc)
  • Battery pack : up to 108Kwh lithium ion
  • Distance on single charge : up to 300km


  • Width : 1953 mm
  • Length : 2956 mm
  • Height : 1355 mm
  • Wheelbase : 2570mm

Kujira – Toyota Crown Coupe 72’

    • Power : 416Hp (310Kw)
    • Torque : 610Nm
    • Powertrain : AC Induction motor
    • Transmission gearbox for each motor : Single speed reduction
    • System : Motorsport class safety system (Shutdown system, inertia sensor etc)
    • Battery pack : 30 kWh lithium ion
    • Distance on single charge : up to 200 km