Energy storage for your villas or you business

Power Pack

Baran PowerPack is a bigger version of Baran PowerWall. Inside of it, you can put up to 15 Baran PowerWall inside a relatively compact housing (about the size of large freezer or refrigerator.

Just like Baran PowerWall, Baran PowerPack can also store energy generated from many source, from Solar Panel (PV), Wind TurbineWater Turbine or electricity provided by the power grid (state owned electrical company) generated from conventional fossil fuel power plant.

Baran PowerPack can be use in various places and usage that need power more than 50 Kwh up to 100Kwh. Thus, this make Baran PowerPack suitable for larger homes, villas, mansion or medium office, SoHo, restaurant or medium retail outlet (supermarket, auto workshop etc)


Simple and scalable

Baran PowerPack itself is designed to be modular and scale-able which means, it can grow as your business grow to match you energy needs.

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